Tag Heuer watches and accessories

The popularity of the TAG Heuer watch
Tag Heuer watches are now well known for their cutting-edge technology. These watches have actually been in the market because 1860 when Edouard Heuer founded a watch business. He got the first patent for a chronograph in 1882, which almost came out in 1916 and might measure up to 100th of a second. The first auto control panel clock was likewise presented by Tag Heuer in 1911.

Incorporating the quality and efficiency of Swiss Watch making, the typical Tag Heuer watch is constantly in wonderful need on account of its unmatched precision in keeping time to the least of infinitesimal pieces. Today, Tag Heuer chooses the warranted claim of being Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860.

Look of the TAG Heuer Watch
It is the feature of Tag Heuer watch to alter looks regularly. While it may be seen by some as a fantastic and refreshing trend, a trouble with numerous lovers is that their treasured watch dates quickly.

TAG Heuer Watch and Sports
Sports fans understand well the popularity of Tag Heuer watches among numerous sportspersons and women. These watches have found tremendous fame by appearing in use by sports like Olympisc, Ski World Cup, FIA Formula 1 World Championship, and numerous various other worldwide sports including vehicle racing and snowboarding because the early 20th century.
In April 2005, Tag Heuer introduced the first professional golf watches of the world, characterized by a light-weight and comfy feel. Tag Heuer is also credited for the Classic series of sports watches as a tribute to the icons of motor racing in the twentieth century.

Prices of TAG Heuer Watches
Relying on the range and design, costs of Tag Heuer watches differ. A Tag Heuer 2000 watch can be purchased for a rate of about $500 while Autavia can cost near $4,000 due to limited accessibility. The most recent brand in Tag Heuer is the The Formula One watches and their fans are increasing rapidly. A most impressive watch in this series is the New TAG Heuer Formula 1 quartz motion, chronograph watch. Its attractive red front and scratch-resistant surface area make it a ready option for numerous Tag Heuer watch fans. It is readily available for a practical rate of around $450.

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