How to choose best watches?

How to choose best watches?
There are no such rules that must be followed in order to buy watches. However, there are a few basic factors that when kept in mind while buying watches, will help you get the best one for you.

1. Decide your budget first:
There are many watches available in the market. The range varies from the plastic ones to the designer ones. Which one you prefer to buy must depend on the budget that you have fixed for spending on the watch. However, not being whimsical, saving a little money by planning a bit is always a good choice, that provides the option of buying a better watch.

2. Do not follow a trend:
Just because classy and sleek designs are in trend, you must not buy a watch in that style, whereas your heart desired for a funky neon disco watch. When your profession demands for a particular style, suppose you are in the army, or you are an air hostess, or a teacher, or may be a corporate officer, you cannot wear just any watch you feel like. Otherwise, you must choose the one that intrigues you most.

3. Do not run after the brands blindly:
Suppose you like a watch from a brand that is less popular, but you buy the one that is more popular, then you are doing a big mistake. Buying a watch just because it is branded but the design of the watch is not good, is a stupidity. One must follow his or her own style. The watch that suits your style statement, the one that catches your eyes and you can visualise yourself in that watch and feel happy, must be chosen amongst others.

4. Avoid expensive metal watches:
If you think that buying a gold watch (mind it, not a gold plated one), or a watch studded with precious stones like diamonds, rubies and emeralds will help you in time of need, is a wrong idea. Resell value of these watches vary a great deal and authentication of the fact that the watch belongs to you are the main difficulties that might come to you while you go to sell the watch.

5. Pamper yourself:
A watch is not just an accessory. It is something that you wear in order to pamper yourself. So the best watch is the one that you feel yourself beautiful in.
There is no crime in keeping more than one watch. Besides, it is a very good idea to buy a metal one, a leather one and one in a bold colour that you can team up with whatever you wear. When you go to a watch shop or decide to buy a watch from an online shop, you will get many options. If money is not a factor, then buy the one that catches your eyes at the very first glance. Following these simple “five commandments” before buying a watch will help you take your decision with absolute confidence.