Proper care of your Watch

A watch can be a constant companion, making it essential that one not only know how to buy a watch that matches an individual's taste and personality, but also that one know how to properly look after a watch.

The first and most important safety measure is to keep the watch strapped firmly to the wrist. In the case of a new watch, it should be worn continually over a period of two weeks. By doing this the watch will be more securely fixed within the wearer's attention, prompting better care of its function and appearance.

It is critical to be mindful of shock-impacts and the vibrations that result from such impacts. The construction and inner-workings of a watch are generally not designed to handle intense shock waves. Of course it isn't realistically possible to prevent such basic accidents as dropping the watch to the floor or bumping it against the occasional object, and for this reason it is essential to regularly take the watch to a formally trained technician for a 'check-up'.

If any damage to the watch occurs it should be taken in for an immediate check-up. For routine battery changes it may be necessary to visit an authorized watch dealer. Barring any problems, the watch should be taken in for service approximately every four years. Because acute variations in temperature can adversely affect their functioning, watches should to be maintained in an environment of consistent temperature.

The strap should also be a concern for maintenance. Damaged or frayed straps should be replaced immediately, as this could lead to the strap failing and causing additional damage to the watch through a nasty fall. When it comes to the dial, it should be checked for cracks. While cracking is not very common, dials do crack even if they are not made of glass. It should go without saying that a cracked dial needs immediate repair.

Most modern watch owners are unfamiliar with the task of winding of a watch. Whether it is an automatic watch or a hand watch, the owner should first wind the crown, then set the hands, and finally set the date and any other features. Winding a watch it is a job meant to be done with slow and steady hands and requires some skill and patience. When setting the date, never wind the watch back beyond 12 midnight and a watch should never be wound backwards.

Even for those opting for water-resistant watches, try to avoid soap and salt while wearing it. Remove the watch when bathing or when swimming in the sea. Even after a dip in the pool, the watch should be washed under the tap to clean the chlorine off. Just like any other watch, a waterproof watch also will need regular servicing and equal care against shock impacts.